My personal dream

I wanted to Work from home, I wanted to be my own boss!
I've dabbled in a few things in my time, 30 and have a truck and forklift licence, been a childcare worker, optical technician, got my real estate licence, started a bachelor's for another course. I didn't know what I wanted to do!

I've always had an interest in many fields and been able to put my hand to most which may sound like a good thing but it's not. When you're given more choices decisions can sometimes be harder!
I've always been making things, from self taught sewing and crochet, making furniture and the things to decorate them. I'm savvy with alot of things and can do most that I put my hand to. I consistently have friends asking for help and saying hey why don't you do 'this' as a job.. you could be this or you could be that. Although I didn't know what I wanted, I know I didn't want to do that.

I started looking at ways to work from home as I wanted to be here for my children and as a single mum of twins I definitely didn't want to be paying out all my money on before and after school care when I could be home with them teaching them things myself. I did a fair bit of research and ended up finding out about running online businesses. I thought this was the bee's knees and never thought I would be able to run an online business. I jumped at the chance! 
Playing around at first I eventually got the hang of it, I didn't stop there though no sir, I ended up wanting to learn about coding now didn't I.
So I did, a bit. Well enough for me to find out what I wanted to know and how to do things cheaper. I also started to teach myself a bit of graphic design as my intention was to also sell my own designed  clothes and have that what takes off, well hopefully.. All the while I had set up a cute little shop online selling clothes for families. It was cute and it got sales, not as much as I had hoped but enough for me to see potential.

I let the store run for a while and worked on some other passions kind of letting it fade I to the background. I ended up getting into this business now and decided to try again this time I'm doing things a bit differently. I'm not having other people print my designs for me, I've decided to do it myself! I'm still learning about digital art and am exploring more everyday. Teaching myself new ways to draw and looking at different perspectives. I haven't quite found my style but that's ok! The point of this business is to be customisable, if someone wants their design I can do it also while offering my own designs along side.
When you try to share your creative expression you won't always get the feedback you want. That's why it's expression. You do you.

Feel free to comment, I know that my rantings may not have been entertaining but they're true. Any ideas you have I'm up for it.

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