You Know What?!

I've usually got alot to say but when it comes to putting pen to paper I guess I struggle.. instant writers block.

I first developed an interest in this customising products field purely by accident, it's something I came across on YouTube one day while researching other stuff and thought hey that looks like fun so as I do I researched everything I could find about it. 
It was for cutting machines. I found out all the different mainstream types watched loads of comparisons and decided which one I would get if I could. That's just what I do, I seem to get so fixated on things and want to learn all I can about them. Now I had already started trying to build online businesses and looking in to ways to work around my children. As a single mum to twins I really couldn't afford not to. I know there are plenty of mums out there that make it work but I simply wouldn't be able to afford having my kids in before and after school care 5 days a week and to be honest I'm not the most organised person time wise either so I feel I would never have gotten to see my children either. 
I wanted something I could work around my kids and also something I would enjoy. I've also always wanted to be my own boss!

Sorry I go off track sometimes. Anyways. I saw this cutting machine and decided I wanted one, not being able to afford it until one day, ya know (website cookies tracking me) I saw an advert for it on sale and discovery it also had Zippy so kinda on a whim I decided to go purchase it the next day.

Excitedly I got home, plugged it in and started playing around. Amazed at what it could do. I only had card stock handy so that's what I was using with the intention of getting vinyl. 
I then put the machine up high out of the kids way and started to look for vinyl suppliers, left the machine there for a while without touching it. I'm definitely an all or nothing person! I ended up being reminded about it by a friend a couple of weeks later, who asked if I knew where to go to get a certain thing made and it dawned on me, I can make that! So up again I go and start playing with my machine.. I go on to get some vinyl, make products and decided to start up a Facebook and website for it. 
I continue this while researching new and improved ways to do things. I was originally making mugs for people but with vinyl on it so the product had to be handwashed and although pretty it just wasn't as feasible as I was hoping. So more research and I end up finding out about directly printing onto it and was extremely interested in that too so here I go again I became obsessed with research and all I could know.

By this time I had paid off the original Zippay so was hoping on starting off getting some of the smaller products using that money although my limit was low I was still trying. I was making the odd sales through the website at the time and was wanting to generate more traffic.
Low and behold I find a place that has most of the startup stuff I need and guess what, the same day I receive notice from Zippay that they are willing to up my credit. Woohoo, hands rubbing together I up it to the max and buy some products to get me going.
I start designing more things as I'm not as limited as I was with the vinyls. They could only be a couple of set colours but now I can see the world in the RGB rainbow.
Off I go designing products, scrapping most also due to copywrite reasons, only producing a few but I get hits from people and good feedback on it too. I start getting random people asking for things on my Facebook or from friends of friends and I couldn't be happier.

I decided it's time to get a better online store as the platform I was using wasn't really working for me, although it did me well for the time being I definitely needed more.

I still continue to find out new and exciting things and am always looking at new products to make and design. I have more products in the works ALWAYS. I have a few sample products too that unlike to work with as this can be tricky getting all the settings right. I won't sell it unless I've tested it a million times and know I can do it! 
That's part of quality assurance I guess.

Anyways I hope you've had some enjoyment out of my rantings. I know I have no real style or format but for now I'm just getting my thoughts down.

Feel free to comment and ask questions. Any ideas you have I'm more than happy to help!

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