ASD Awareness Blanket
ASD Awareness Blanket
ASD Awareness Blanket
ASD Awareness Blanket

ASD Awareness Blanket

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For Parents of children with Autism or other sensory processing it is all about building the awareness around them.
This beautifully designed blanket helps to build awareness while also allowing a child to love the blanket itself, the ultra soft micro fleece is a perfect sensory distraction to help soothe your child.
Perfect to take with you to also make others aware. Because through awareness we build understanding.
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Blanket size comparison, a typical baby stroller blanket is generally 30x40" or 40x50" for a crib, while a typical throw blanket is 50x60"

Our 60x80" fits an Australian queen size bed

  • The blanket with soft and comfortable fabric keeps you warm and cozy.
  • Super soft and excellent hand feeling.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use; ideal for watching TV and lounging on sofa or bed.
  • Available Globally

  • Afterpay Available.

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