Surrogate Kitty
Surrogate Kitty
Surrogate Kitty
Surrogate Kitty
Surrogate Kitty
Surrogate Kitty
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Surrogate Kitty

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These adorable little Plushies are not only a great present and gift for humans and kids but also make great little gifts for your pets.

These make great companions to your house if you foster animals or have taken on a young puppy or kitten.

Getting a new Puppy or Kitten, or fostering baby animals can be fun and rewarding.
You teach these animals all you can and they become dependant on you but what about when you can't be there?
Separation anxiety is a very common problem in animals. It can lead to destruction of your property and a highly stressed animal which is not good for their health.
Giving your furry friend a fuzzy companion can definitely help relieve that anxiety.
When born into litters these animals are used to huddling up into groups or laying on one another for safety and comfort but it's not always easy to keep them together.

These plushies are great for relieving separation anxiety in animals.

24x33cm in size they replicate the size of a furry companion.

Specially designed without the addition of facial features to deter chewing.

Also designed in the sleeping position to promote relaxation and a calming non-threatening environment.

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